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In an update to BACTA members this week, CEO John White, having evaluated the gambling white paper in detail, has concluded that “by and large it is good news for BACTA and the industry.”

He said: “Outside of the requests we made for the pub sector, everything BACTA requested has been given the green light. This is down to years of lobbying by BACTA and its members to explain to our legislators what it is we do and how we do it in a socially responsible way.

“We have communicated the economics of our sector and the need for change. It was pleasing to see politicians across the political divide all appreciate the difference between our business model and the online one. 

“The local jobs we create and the contribution to local economy we make were all acknowledged. Now the consultations on the proposals start and it will be a busy year getting all the evidence together to bring them to fruition in the most effective way. 

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“We have already held a flurry of meetings with the Gambling Commission CEO, the Gambling Minister and civil servants. Keep your eye out for a BACTA webinar in the very near future on the white paper and what it means.”

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