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Security technology company Dallmeier has entered a strategic partnership with Certego, with a view to offering strong CCTV solutions to customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Certego recently acquired Scanview in Denmark, a company which has developed its partnership with Dallmeier to deliver premium solutions in CCTV to customers such as Kastrup Airport, Billund Airport and Recharge City. 

“Based on our mutual success in the Danish market, I am convinced that our customers in the other Nordic markets will appreciate the fact that we are now ready to offer this across all our 78 branches in the Nordics. I am also very impressed with the quality of the Dallmeier solutions and I am convinced that many of our customers are looking forward to learn more about them”, says Jonas Granath, CEO of Certego Group.

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“We are very satisfied with our development in Denmark over the last two decades and we see a strong opportunity to grow our sales in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We are convinced that Certego is the right partner for us in the Nordics, thanks to their inhouse expertise and knowledge that they now have through Scanview and also due to their dedication and commitment into this partnership”, says Thomas Dallmeier, CEO of Dallmeier.

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