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The police force in Sweden has published a report looking into corruption in sport and the issue’s links to the gambling industry, amid plans to appoint a new taskforce.

The Swedish Police Authority says in the Sports corruption report that the problem is in an “expansive stage” and has become common both at a national and international level, with football among the sports affected in a “big way.”

The authority said actors in Sweden “with international contacts” and a “large turnover on both the national and international gaming market” are behind the schemes.

It said these actors “have contacts with criminal networks that carry out organised crime.”

The Swedish Police Authority reported that there is “ongoing recruitment of players, referees and leaders” for criminal activities and that “often there is a gambling addiction in the background as a means of pressure.”

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The police force has subsequently devised a new taskforce on the back of the report, with a working group set to be appointed.

Per Engström, head of section at the police’s national operational department, said: “Sport stands for values such as integrity, team spirit and fair play. But it is also about large sums of money, which in turn means that criminal actors become interested and see opportunities here as well.

“It is clear to us in the Swedish police that criminal actors choose to advance their positions in various arenas where they can see financial gains.

“From the police, we have ongoing investigations in the area, but in order for us to deal with this in society, it is necessary that we work together to prevent crime, at all levels.”

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