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A rebranding is seeing the end of the Praesepe name for the Gauselmann Group’s adult game centres operation in the UK.

It will also see another rebranding – of the company’s Cashino name for its venues, as the Milton Keynes-based company steps up its penetration of new markets.

The company this week opened three more venues, reports Gauselmann UK general manager Sascha Blodau, and he said that by year-end the company would “get very close” to achieving the 200 locations mark.

The Cashino name is now being replaced by Merkur Slots, enabling the company to make a more direct connection with the Merkur sun logo that is familiar across European locations.

“We are continuing our process of upgrading our existing AGCs and at the same time changing their names to Merkur Slots,” said Blodau. “We are also seeking to make the operation more omnichannel.” 

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He anticipated that by the end of the year between 100 and 120 of the AGCs will have undergone the upgrading and name change.

All newly opening venues will have the Merkur Slots branding, he said. But the three bingo halls in the portfolio would be rebranded Merkur Bingo.

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