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PokerStars has rolled out an exciting new promotion called Broadway, designed to deck players out with Power Path rewards based on their daily poker activity. Running until May 5, 2024, this promotion offers more than $250,000 in Power Path tickets.

Broadway isn’t just a catchy name; it symbolizes putting players at the forefront of their poker journey, making them the lead characters on PokerStars’ grand stage every day they log in.

How It Works

Opting in is simple. Upon opening your PokerStars client, you’ll be prompted to join the Broadway promotion via a chest feature.

Once opted in, you’ll receive a chest containing a puzzle piece, which represents a playing card, along with details of your daily mini-challenge.


These challenges vary but could include tasks like generating $3 in rake. Completing these challenges is rewarding, as each day you accomplish one, you earn a puzzle piece towards filling your board and winning prizes.

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Your rake target and the corresponding Power Path rewards values can be found in your Challenges Window.

Key Broadway Information

  • Opt-in via your Challenges Window once to get started.
  • Play poker to meet your daily rake target, earning a chest with a puzzle piece for each completed challenge.
  • Revealing Four of a Kind (one column in your grid) or a Royal Flush (one row in your grid) unlocks a chest containing a Power Path reward.
  • Complete the entire grid to receive a final chest with your ultimate Power Path reward. It is more likely to be larger than the Four of a Kind and Royal Flush rewards.
  • Don’t miss your chance to strut your stuff on the virtual stage of PokerStars and potentially earn up to 10 chests filled with Power Path tickets. Join Broadway today and embark on your journey to unforgettable poker experiences!
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What Can You Win on Power Path?

Power Path

Both live and online events have featured in the Power Path since its launch, with Special Edition Gold Passes sending lucky players to the NAPT and Las Vegas Grand Prix last December.

This month, players can win their way to various events at 2024 PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo, including the EPT Main Event. And with the announcement of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) schedule, huge ticket bundles are also up for grabs at the gold and silver level.

The Gold Pass SCOOP ticket bundle includes:

  • 1 x $5,200 SCOOP tournament tickets
  • 4 x $1,050 SCOOP tournament tickets
  • 5 x $109 SCOOP tournament tickets
  • 6 x $55 SCOOP tournament tickets
  • $25 in T-Money

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