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Dutch casino signage specialist Signs4U has completed – in combination with IGT – a major new contract on behalf of the Netherlands’ Holland Casino.

The operator’s new IGT Mega Millions Jackpot concept, installed in all 14 of the casino chain locations, is now up and running.

Each of the venues has bank of six, eight or 10 slots surmounted by a sign that is designed and built using the latest flexible LED panels from Signs4U. The effect is a 360-degree seamless sign that has been equipped with a cutting-edge technology animation by IGT.

The project is now reported to be providing a major new attraction at each venue, with players excited by a jackpot that begins with a minimum €1m.

Said Signs4U managing director Martin Spies: “We were delighted to have been chosen to create such an important project on behalf of Holland Casino. With the ingenuity of IGT’s animation coupled with the technology that we were able to inject into this project we have together created something remarkable.

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“With something of this magnitude, everything must look and operate with 100 per cent reliability. Guests at the locations have been visibly impressed by the impact of the feature at their local casino.

“The power of the partnership between operator, slots maker and signs designer has paid rich dividends.”

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