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In a move that will bring further efficiencies and business intelligence to its customers, JCM Global has selected Cash Processing Solutions as its partner of choice.

JCM and CPS executed a master distributor agreement which enables JCM to supply advanced high-speed count/sort equipment and cash management software in North America.

This partnership is the latest example of how JCM continues to expand its product offerings to benefit its customers and it brings end-to-end cash handling for casino gaming. JCM will represent CPS’ software solution, ECM Edge, as well as its count sort machines, including the technologically advanced 7000i Edge, V Edge and X Edge.

Combining CPS products with JCM’s ICB Intelligent Cash Box and Fuzion systems, JCM now offers its customers a complete count room solution for more visibility over the operation, increased efficiency and enhanced security.

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“Combined, JCM and CPS have more than 125 years of experience in cash management solutions. Bringing this level of experience and integrating our technology portfolios together benefits JCM’s customers, allowing them to capitalse on the combined strengths of JCM and CPS, to save time save money, and gain greater insights into their overall cash management operations,” said JCM’s SVP operations, sales and marketing, Dave Kubajak.

“CPS is delighted to partner with JCM as its master distributor in North America,” said Darren Wick, managing director Americas for CPS.

“This partnership is the result of JCM’s recognition of CPS’ investment in the multi-year development of its new software and hardware product solutions for the casino count room as well as it expertise globally in supplying cash processing solutions for the banking sector.

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“The CPS suite of Casino Edge products, when integrated with JCM’s ICB and Fuzion systems, will redefine count room efficiency and provide a level of data granularity previously unseen in this sector,” 

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