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JCM Global has installed its award-winning GEN5 thermal printer on all 1,752 slot machines at del Lago Resort and Casino in Waterloo, New York.

The installation was an upgrade of JCM’s existing GEN2U printers and gives del Lago the power to further enhance the guest experience with GEN5’s advanced capabilities.

When del Lago first opened in 2017, JCM installed its iVIZION bill validators and ICB Intelligent Cash Box system along with the GEN2U printers. This technology upgrade brings the property to the latest generation of TITO thermal printers.

The combination of the iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 printer also prepares the property for JCM’s FUZION system and the future of system-managed peripherals.

“As a casino operator, we are continually improving the experience and quality of products for our guests. JCM has proven to be a valued partner in these efforts by making the unseen, yet crucial technological pieces faster and more efficient,” said Lance Young, EVP and general manager at del Lago Resort and Casino.  

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