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In the blazing sunshine of Las Vegas, the Global Gaming Expo 2023 is set to open its doors today for what Korbi Carrison, event vice president, G2E at RX, said was “on track for a great show.”

Speaking to the press at a preview event yesterday, she revealed this year’s event is up on last year not only in terms of square footage at almost 270,000sq.ft, but also on exhibitors, with 368 against last year’s 350.

While visitor registration is ongoing, she stated that numbers were “tracking very well” and were “on track” to beat last year’s figure of 25,000.

Fellow panellist at the event, Maureen Beddis, senior vice president, membership and events at the American Gaming Association, also added the show will platform a host of new speakers after being inundated with responses to an industry-wide invitation for people to submit proposals to speak at this year’s show.

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“It’s wonderful that the industry really embraced that opportunity so enthusiastically,” she said.

The press meeting was part of a preview day for the show, filled with informative talks from key industry figures, the Global Gaming Awards lunch function and a G2E kick-off reception event.

G2E Las Vegas will run until Thursday, October 12, at the Venetian.

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