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DigitalEjis is a research and development company that was established to develop a solution aimed at addressing the problem of addiction across digital industries, starting with gambling.

Based on years of fundamental scientific research by world renowned institutions and enhanced by tools such as machine learning and AI, the result is that can accurately predict the possibility of a person, who may never have gambled before, developing a pathological gambling addiction before they place a single bet.

Thanks to the power of the discoveries made by DigitalEjis in the field of addiction, a prediction accuracy of 85 per cent is achievable.

DigitalEjis’ software is also able to monitor betting behaviour, enabling operators to prevent deterioration in the mental health of their players and, in the rare case of addiction taking hold, provide digitally delivered, professional intervention to directly help players who are in trouble.

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DigitalEjis’ mission is to support both operators and regulators to create a safe, fun and entertaining gaming environment for anyone approaching the world of gaming by enabling operators to understand their players better and so adapt their betting experiences to protect the most sensitive groups without compromising anyone’s fun.

“DigitalEjis’ predictive system is unique,” says the company. “Other existing software merely identifies addiction when compulsive gambling behaviour is already under way and therefore it may be too late to intervene.

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