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Casino security specialist Dallmeier of Germany has restructured its training and authorisation programme for its Panomera and Domera camera systems.

Now, with two training sessions plus one day of technical training, installers can become Panomera partners, says the company.

“Training and authorisation have always been a challenge in video security technology: partners must be sufficiently qualified to ensure the necessary high quality at the end customer. At the same time, every manufacturer authorisation naturally involves effort and costs for channel partners and installers. The new training programme of Dallmeier aims to alleviate this dilemma,” said the company.

The courses can be joined both online and offline and only two sessions are now needed to qualify for sales, installation and maintenance of the Domera single sensor cameras. Initially, it is the onboarding at Level 1 that is undertaken as a three-hour online course or as part of a Dallmeier Partner Day.

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This is followed by a two-day Technical Training Basic, Level 2, in a classroom but online if necessary. In order to carry out projects with the Dallmeier Panomera Multi-focal Sensor Systems independently, partners complete a further Level 3 training course. Additional options include two four-hour update training sessions, Level 4, and an Authorised Trainer course at Level 5.

Partners are then equipped to carry out training themselves.

Dallmeier has even introduced short-cut for partners who have yet to attend training, so that they can install and deploy Dallmeier cameras immediately. For this, they are offered a wide portfolio of project support services and add them on as modules.

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