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RG24seven, the training platform for gaming employees, has partnered with the US Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign to provide a series of human trafficking awareness training courses.

These training courses – and all of RG24seven’s training content – are entirely free to use for gaming company employees.

Wendy Anderson, CEO of RG24seven, stated: “We are incredibly pleased to be adding these new human trafficking courses to RG24seven.

Created in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign, these courses will help to increase awareness of human trafficking among gaming and hospitality employees.

“Gaming company employees are in a unique position to recognise and report potential human trafficking cases.

“This training will help learners recognise the ‘red flags,’ comprehend how traffickers operate and understand how to work together to escalate a potential case of human trafficking safely.”

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This first series of RG24seven courses dedicated to human trafficking awareness are presented by Tom Ruck, senior advisor at the Blue Campaign. Ruck leads engagement with the private sector to raise awareness of human trafficking.

He commented: “DHS and the Blue Campaign are committed to the fight against human trafficking. This combined effort with RG24seven to bring greater human trafficking awareness to the gaming industry will help shine a light on this heinous crime and the impact it has on victims.”

Anderson concluded: “RG24seven aims to protect the gaming industry, along with the millions of people enjoying gambling around the world.

“We are very grateful to Tom Ruck and his team, the Blue Campaign and the Department of Homeland Security for partnering with RG24seven to substantially further awareness of human trafficking.”

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