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A technology education programme for 50 software developers has been set up by Paf, the Nordic gaming company.

The programme is held without classes and without lecturers, focusing instead on the students’ own ability to develop. The programme has been set up by Paf at the request of the government of Aland, the island where Paf is based.

The “alternative IT education” named grit:lab will open in 2022. It is described by the company as “a kind of coding school that is based on the O1 edu platform’s pedagogy, an alternative education in contract to the traditional education within IT.”  It is completely project-based, teacher free and without regular classes and follows a gamified two-year teaming process.

The campus is inside the Paf head office on Aland. Pictured inside the building are Fredrik Karlstrom, Aland’s minister of trade, and colleagues Francois Maugis, Annike Hambrudd, minister of education, Daniela Johansson, Paf deputy CEO and Anna-Lena Svenblad.

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