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Bolivia’s gambling regulator observed a reduction in the number of unauthorised promotions exposed in 2023 to 54, from over 8,700 inspections.

Sixty-four inspections were conducted at unauthorised sites, the Gaming Supervisory Authority (AJ) said, leading to the seizure of 414 gaming devices.

The AJ also identified and took action against 30 illegal online gambling websites last year.

The regulator issued over $b305m (£399,857) in fines, with 27 convictions to date and four for damage reparation.

Marco Antonio Sánchez Vaca, the executive director of the AJ, said: “We are pleased to inform that in 2023, the AJ set a record with the issuance of 1,109 authorisations for business promotions, a clear demonstration of a stable and growing economy, as businesses and enterprises awarded over $b500m (£57.1m) in prizes.

The AJ has also had its ISO 9001 certification renewed.

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