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The Danish Gambling Authority has entered into a collaboration with three companies that monitor betting at sporting events and issue alerts to partners if they discover irregularities that could be signs of match fixing.

In future, the Danish Gambling Authority will receive these alarms and will be able to compare with its own data and information and intervene if match fixing is suspected.

The three companies with which the Dansish Gambling Authority has now entered into formal co-operation are Sportradar, United Lotteries for Integrity in Sport and the International Betting Integrity Association.

All three of them offer monitoring of betting on sporting events worldwide and share any suspicions of match fixing directly with either the betting providers, the sport or the authorities.

The companies’ monitoring consists of either following irregularities in the case of fluctuations in the odds setting or effort in the bet and by acting as a centralised unit that receives, evaluates, and shares information with members.

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With the new agreement, the Danish Gambling Authority will receive alerts from all three companies if they find unusual gambling patterns in betting on sports events mainly in Denmark.

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