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Britain’s largest adult gaming centres (AGCs) operator, Luxury Leisure Talarius is reopening 211 of its venues tomorrow (Saturday), bringing much relief to CEO Tom Allison.

What will not be open are the non-English locations among the 234 AGCs and six FECs in the portfolio, because there are 12 in Scotland and two in Wales, and those two countries have not yet reopened AGCs and FECs.

Allison (pictured) said: “Of course we are delighted that we will be able to reopen our doors on Saturday and start to welcome our customers in England back into our Admiral venues. It will be great to see them all again and to show them how we have created a safe environment in which to play as part of the “new normal”. Equally, bringing our staff back to work, most of whom have been furloughed as part of the Job Retention Scheme, will really be welcome.

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“As a business – and indeed an industry – we have an obligation now to show strength and get our high streets moving again alongside others in the retail and leisure space. I am confident that we will see the recover that we require in the coming weeks and unlike other big name retailers, holding our nerve is key to building confidence with our customers and as an employer.”

There are a few English locations remaining closed for operational reasons, mostly because they are small venues with other open venues nearby.

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