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There is increasing use of a bunch note feeder (BNF) in the NV200 Spectral range of note validators from Innovative Technology, the money handling specialist.

A BNF is increasingly being adopted for automated deposit machines for banking applications across Europe and, notably, Russia, reports the company’s vice president of sales and business development, Thorsten Labusch.

“It has a large-scale deposit capacity and quick acceptance speeds so it is ideal for a large-scale, high volume environment. It allows operators to present 100-plus notes at once and can be utilised with a 22 cashbox. Notes enter the validator from the bottom of the deposit pile so constant refill is available, minimising refill time.”

The Spectral range is now very well known for its modular design and is increasingly utilised within gaming, POS, kiosk and self-service industries in Europe, North America and Asia.

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