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This week, the 2024 Colorado Illegal Gaming Awareness Campaign launches, reminding Colorado residents and visitors to be wary off illegal gaming providers.

The “Play Legit. Gamble Only Where Legal.” campaign aims to educate the public about the risks associated with illegal gambling and the importance of supporting regulated gaming venues.

“With many certified and legal gambling sites available, it’s never worth it to put yourself in danger,” says Chris Schroder, director of the Colorado Division of Gaming. “Together, let’s play by the rules and ensure that Colorado remains a safe and responsible gaming destination. By recognising and preventing illegal gambling, we all win.”

Illegal gambling operations not only fail to protect players but can also serve as a breeding ground for serious crimes, including fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and burglary, posing a threat to public safety and community well-being.

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Participants in illegal gambling activities also compromise personal and financial information, putting individuals at risk of identity theft, unreliable payouts and potential legal consequences such as fines and imprisonment.

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