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The field of affiliate marketing has been overlooked for many years while only a few were able to unlock its full potential. However, there’s been a huge shift in the industry as we can now see a huge rising trend around this topic at many recent events.

The most notable events circulating these topics are iGB Affiliate Lisbon, London’s Affiliate Conference, Georgia’s iGaming Affiliate Conference and Kyiv’s iGaming Affiliate Conference among many others.

Some providers and platforms already understand the importance of great affiliate marketing so they frequently visit those events. Endorphina, the dynamic game provider from Prague, has been quick to be among them.

It’s been said that Endorphina is planning to be present at as many affiliate-related exhibitions as possible. So far, they will be among the exhibitors at iGb Affiliate Lisbon and will contribute their experiences in dealing with affiliate marketeers.

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Endorphina’s CEO, Jan Urbanec, will be among the expert speakers at Kyiv’s iGaming Affiliate Conference on September 26th. He will be sharing the insights of the company’s practice and his own vast experience through a presentation about how affiliates can get their hands on various materials from game providers at a low cost or even for free. He will also be slightly touching the topic of streamers and how their cooperation with good game providers can be mutually beneficial.

You can expect a handful of topics to be discussed in detail during Kyiv igaming affiliate conference, such as:

The African gambling market: What is it and is it profitable?
How to get maximum quality traffic from an affiliate network?
Why advertisers and affiliates need to work closely to reach the maximum result?

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Kyiv’s igaming affiliate conference will be packed with interesting presentations and it is a great event to get your foot into the path of real affiliate marketing.

Interested in attending the event? Snatch these last tickets ASAP at: https://affiliateconf.com.ua/en/registration

Excited to meet Jan Urbanec, CEO of Endorphina, in person? Reach the company at [email protected] and schedule your meeting with Jan.

For more information about the game provider Endorphina, visit their website at: https://endorphina.com/

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