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Rumotel, the operator of the Tower Hotel in Hawthorn East, has been hit with three new charges by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission.

The Tower Hotel was charged by the VGCCC in September for failing to have responsible gaming tool YourPlay available on its gaming machines.

An extra charge, taking the total to 35 in the first set, related to an alleged failure by the Tower Hotel to ensure staff had completed compulsory training. The 35 charges could attract a maximum fine of AU$758,172.

Now, though, three new charges, the VGCCC said, could attract a maximum fine of AU$1.4m, taking the total potential maximum fine of the 38 charges to $2.15m.

The new charges allege that Rumotel and the Tower Hotel failed to ensure a Responsible Gambling Officer was available at all times on the gaming floor.

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The charges also allege that a Responsible Gambling Register was not properly maintained.

VGCCC CEO Annette Kimmitt said: “Just as you wouldn’t operate a public swimming pool without a lifeguard, venues are required to continuously monitor their gaming floors and intervene whenever the welfare of players is at risk.

“The VGCCC will continue to pursue venues that deliberately fail to apply their responsible gambling code of conducts in full.”

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