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After several cases of minors using electronic betting terminals to gamble, Tabcorp has been ordered to make most of its terminal cashless.

A statewide direction from VGCCC states that Tabcorp’s betting terminals should not accept cash bets unless they are within five metres of the counter and within sight of it, which correlates to about 70 per cent of Tabcorp’s 1,800 EBTs in Victoria.

Punters will be obliged to go to the counter, where they will need to show ID if they appear to be under 25, to purchase vouchers to play with.

VGCCC CEO Annette Kimmitt AM said: “It is inexcusable to accept a bet from a minor and tougher actions are required to protect the community, especially children, from gambling harm.

“Venue staff are the first line of defence in protecting minors from gambling. We have taken decisive measures where they have failed to take their responsibilities seriously.

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“These stronger identity checks not only represent an additional barrier to allowing children to gamble, but will also help to prevent money laundering,” she said.

“The VGCCC will actively monitor these safeguards to reduce harm, and venues should take note and act to uphold their duty to care for the community.”

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