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SuzoHapp is ready for the start of the SBC Summit North America, taking place at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey this week (July 13-14).

SBC Summit North America is the leading conference and trade show dedicated to the high-growth online betting and gaming industry in the US and Canada.

This is SuzoHapp’s second year exhibiting at the show and this year it is adding a speaker to one of the panels as well as sponsoring the event.

This year, SuzoHapp will be highlighting its comprehensive suite of sports betting terminals. Over the past year, SuzoHapp launched its complete sports betting ecosystem to help sports books make a seamless transition to the retail space.

With over 60 years of experience in the gaming, amusement and sports betting industries, SuzoHapp has been working to help ease the burden of hardware by offering a self-service ecosystem to support the entire life cycle of a bet.

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The sports betting ecosystem is designed so that whether at the bar, behind the counter, or on the sportsbook floor, customers can place their bets how they want, where they want, with minimal impact to operations.

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