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Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI), a developer and licenser of social gaming platforms, systems and gaming content, today said that the mounting coronavirus pandemic — which has thus far this year had severe effects on the casino gambling market in Asia — will have “no adverse effect” upon the company’s business going forward.

After an analysis of several factors, including the ongoing improvement in the Asia Pacific region over the health effects of coronavirus, the concomitant boost in overall consumer sentiment toward online gaming in the region, and key revenue, earnings and margin indices within the company during the past two months, Golden Matrix CEO Brian Goodman said the company is in “prime position to continue its significant top and bottom line growth for the remainder of fiscal 2020 and beyond.”

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“We empathize with all those being detrimentally affected by the coronavirus; however, millions of people under lockdown are now turning to digital means to continue with their daily life,” said Mr. Goodman. “I think we are likely to see continued growth, perhaps even a significant escalation of online gaming, primarily as a response to the limitations posed by the current worldwide health situation and closure of land-based gaming facilities around the world.

“Also, there is growing consensus among retail casino establishments that it is absolutely essential for them to have an online presence in all world markets afflicted by the virus and, in the longer term, to protect themselves against future threats.”

Mr. Goodman said he expects to update investors on company progress “in the very near future.”

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About Golden Matrix:
Golden Matrix Group, based in Las Vegas NV, is an established gaming technology company that develops and owns online gaming IP and builds configurable and scalable white-label social gaming platforms for its international customers, located primarily in the Asia Pacific region. The gaming IP includes tools for marketing, acquisition, retention and monetization of users. The company’s platform can be accessed through both desktop and mobile applications. Our sophisticated software automatically declines any gaming or redemption requests from within the United States, in strict compliance with current US law.

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