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BMM Testlabs was celebrating seven years of continuous growth at ICE London.

“We are breaking through the next level of growth,” said CEO Martin Storm, adding that the company last year took on several professionals to restructure its executive leadership.

“From next year we will look to grow in $20m increments, which is notable because it took me 12 years to get to our first $20m. Our growth is mainly down to the fact that customers want choice – that is what is driving our expansion.

“Competition raises the levels for everyone. Healthy competition means that service levels go through the roof.”

Storm said that the complexities that new technology brings to the industry are straightforward for testing laboratories. “The challenges lie with the developers of that technology – we are simply checking the results. There are also big challenges at the regulatory level as regulators try to keep pace with new forms of gambling.

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“There are many new forms and the regulators don’t always have the resources to keep up – sometimes the technology just accelerates away from them.”

Cybersecurity is a major part of the services of BMM these days. “The crime is inevitable,” said Storm. “The key is to minimise the damage when a breach has occurred. We have the facilities to be able to shut down the perpetrators within minutes. What companies want now is to quantify their risk of cyber crime.”

To this end BMM has just completed a deal with Maxxsure, a cyber risk management company. Maxxsure has a quantification solution that helps customers to pinpoint cyber risk financial exposure. Its actionable insights help customers to de-risk by prioritising their cyber budget to remediate the risk or transferring it to cyber insurance coverage.

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