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Rock band Kiss, which owns a US-wide chain of 20 restaurants and bars, is behind the opening of the first Rock & Brews Casino in Braman, Oklahoma, today.

Bruce McClure, general manager, said in a statement: “We’re bringing a lot of what we’ve learned along the way to the Braman facility.

“The newly built property will benefit the Kaw Nation and surrounding communities by employing 200 jobs and providing a space for locals and travelers alike to enjoy delicious food and drinks, play exciting new games and immerse themselves in all things rock ‘n’ roll.”

The property will feature more than 400 slot machines and electronic card tables and will constantly display videos of great concerts. Classic rock anthems will sound on the casino floor.

Adam Goldberg, CEO of Rock & Brews, said: “What we have here is totally unique and it cannot be found anywhere near here in Oklahoma.”

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