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Red Wagon Institute’s founder Paul Speirs-Hernandez will deliver an inspiring keynote address on the “Power of Can” to the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference and Trade Show 2023.

The address will be delivered on Tuesday, August 15 at 8:30am and will open the 28th annual OIGA event for the day.

“The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association and the 28th Annual OIGA Conference and Trade Show are all about possibilities, and we are bringing this keynote to the show to help attendees find an inspirational way to find the potential in themselves and in their businesses,” said Sheila Morago, COO of the Trilogy Group and OIGA Trade Show Coordinator.

“Research shows us our brains are built to focus on the impossible, which takes just 20 percent of brain function. By refocusing on the possible, we unleash 80 per cent more brain capacity to accomplish anything we set our minds to,” Speirs-Hernandez said.

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“This session talks about why and how to change our mindsets from negative to positive, re-channeling positive energy to your team life, home life, business and your community.”

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