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Pilot Games, the ground-breaking producer and operator of innovative pull-tab games, has announced that Pilot TV is going 24/7 to accommodate player demand.

Currently, live, hosted Pilot TV airs before, during and after MegaSota Game Nite, Megabarbingo events and GameDay Bingo. Players can watch Pilot TV at their local bar where Pilot Games are hosted or anywhere on the PlayerConnect mobile app.

Due to the overwhelming player appetite for Pilot TV content, Pilot will launch Pilot TV 24/7 with live, hosted events, recorded segments on charitable gambling, exclusive game previews, social media feeds and updates on jackpot prizes and other big wins.

Jon Weaver, CEO of Pilot Games, said: “The Pilot Games player demands more entertaining Pilot content – and this was the impetus for the expansion of Pilot TV. Just like other forms of entertainment drive web-based and other media content, Pilot recognises that gambling is no different. 

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“Pilot recognises the role Pilot TV plays in delivering the most immersive player experience available and it will now be available 24/7.”

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