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OKTO, a leading fintech company powering digital payments and user engagement applications, has entered into a partnership with Ensico, the Slovenia-based casino management system provider.

The deal will enable instant, cashless, mobile payments for players on gaming machines with the OKTO app in casino properties across Europe. The powerful universal open-loop mobile payment app, tailored for the gaming industry, enables users to pay and play fast and easy directly on gaming machines connected to the Ensico CMS.

Under this partnership, OKTO and Ensico aims to reduce payment friction, enhance the player experience and boost retention rates, allowing real-time, instant transfers between gaming machines and the OKTO app in a simple, secure and convenient way.

As the OKTO.WALLET platform is directly integrated with the Ensico CMS, players can add funds directly from their IOS or Android mobile via the OKTO app to gaming machines, as well as get the winnings back to their OKTO.WALLET in real-time, without the use of any other money-in or cash-out system.

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Casinos and gaming halls operators using the Ensico CMS can take advantage of a complete mobile-first, cashless, entirely software-driven solution, with no need for any hardware integrations and components, securing fast-time to market and enabling broader payment options for their members. Alongside, the solution is based on QR Code payment technology, making it accessible by all smartphones without any limitations.

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