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Following a new government initiative, any venue in NSW, Australia with more than 20 gaming machine entitlements, including pubs and clubs, will be required to appoint a responsible gambling officer.

These officers are charged with helping to identify patrons at risk of gambling related harm or problematic behaviours, and be on hand to offer them support including providing information about helpful services and facilitating self-exclusion. They must be on duty whenever the machines are in operation.

“In NSW, gaming machines represent the highest risk of gambling harm,” said minister for gaming and racing David Harris. “One in three people who gamble regularly are considered to be moderate or high-risk gamblers according to the Problem Gambling Severity Index.

“The introduction of responsible gambling officers is the next important step in supporting people who may be experiencing gambling harm.

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“They will be across pubs and clubs where gambling is happening, and be alert to patrons at risk of harm or displaying concerning gambling behaviour and link them in to the support they need, such as the GambleAware hotline.”

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