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In September, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is to hold a public hearing on the renewal of the slot machine operator licence for Downs Racing, operator of Mohegan Pennsylvania.

The hearing, which the public are invited to attend and contribute to, will be held on Thursday, September 21. The purpose will be to gather evidence in the form of documents and hearing testimony relating to the performance of the licensee.

A second public hearing will be held at a later date for the casino operator to offer evidence to support their renewal application.

“The burden is on the renewal applicant to establish and demonstrate, by clear and convincing evidence, its eligibility and suitability for renewal of a gaming license,” said the PGCB.

“During the hearing, the renewal applicant will be given the opportunity to demonstrate, among other things, its good character, honesty and integrity; compliance with its statement of conditions; as well as provide evidence on tax revenue generated; jobs created; success in implementing its diversity plan; and involvement in the surrounding communities.

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“Following this proceeding, the board will ultimately determine whether the licensee remains eligible and suitable consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth and are otherwise qualified to have the licence renewed for a five-year period.”

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