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Intralot and Malaysian gaming company Magnum Corporation have signed a new seven-year agreement with an option for two further five-year extensions.

Magnum’s current retail offering will be enhanced with the company’s modern LotosX Omni ecosystem, consisting of LotosX Central Gaming System, PlayerX Player Account Management System, RetailerX Retailer Management System, DMS Device Management System, PhotonX Gaming Terminals, Canvas Content Management System and Orchestrator.

Magnum put out an international call for tenders in 2022.

“Magnum Corporation is proud to continue this partnership with Intralot, a steadfast ally in helping us grow our business, and to innovate the gaming experience for our customers,” said Dato’ Lawrence Lim Swee Lin, the CEO of Magnum Corporation. “With our industry expertise and Intralot’s cutting-edge technology, we are crafting a future of innovation together, creating a more immersive gaming experience with enhanced levels of personalization and security, both in our retail and digital spaces.”

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Marios Mitromaras, CEO of Intralot Australia, added: “We are very pleased to keep working with Magnum Corporation. Our continued collaboration is a partnership built on trust, understanding and a shared commitment in elevating gaming excellence for their customers.

“Intralot has an established presence in the country since 2006, helping Magnum Corporation grow its business and create value for the local community. We look forward to deploying our cutting-edge technology and high-quality operating services as Magnum Corporation continues to push boundaries and take steps to modernize their player experience.”

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