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Dutch card systems specialist for arcade-casinos, REAC of Rotterdam, has joined forces with Novomatic to develop a biometric entrance system for casinos.

The company has successfully launched its system with Novomatic Biometric Systems that will provide an automated check for a fast lane entrance to casinos after the player has registered just once.

The development has taken place as part of the move by the Dutch market to meet the CRUKS provisions. This has been brought in by the Dutch regulator ready for the introduction of online gambling on April 1. Players will have to be validated prior to playing, either online or on land-based locations, to help prevent gambling addiction.

Operators can apply for a Dutch online gambling licence on April 1, but the whole system – that will include land-based locations – will go live on October 1.

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The REAC-NBS product will take into account any future amendment to the rules for participation in gambling in the Netherlands. A fast ID scan on the first entry means that future entry by the same player will be fast-tracked. The system will link to a local or central server so that multiple venues can be linked together.

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