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Holland Casino has chosen global B2C marketing automation company Selligent Marketing Cloud to support its omnichannel marketing efforts and deliver enhanced guest experiences.

The Dutch state-owned company operates 14 casinos located throughout the Netherlands. The partnership will power Holland Casino’s campaigns to understand and reach customers in new, innovative ways.

Holland Casino welcomes more than 1.1 million visitors to its casinos each year. The company was looking for a marketing platform that would allow it to better understand its visitors’ behaviours to deliver more personalised offers, including free drinks or vouchers for dining and future visits.

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s ability to tie interactions across all consumer touchpoints – from web to mobile to social – in addition to its strong focus and support for GDPR compliance  were crucial to Holland Casino’s decision to partner.

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“Holland Casino is focused on delivering tailored experiences to increase engagement and loyalty with our customers,” said Bjorn de Boer, product owner marketing technology at Holland Casino. “It was important that we select a marketing technology partner with a robust, flexible and secure platform that would allow us to deliver personalised offers even while guests are already onsite.

“Selligent Marketing Cloud was the clear choice given its engagement capabilities and long-standing experience with privacy regulations, offering a true understanding of both our marketing and security needs.”

“Casinos often have a diverse customer base who enjoy a variety of unique experiences,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “There is a constant opportunity to better understand their needs to take visits to another level. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, Holland Casino can tap into individual tastes to build highly personalised entertainment experiences that keep their guests coming back.

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