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As many Mexican health care facilities face the challenge of Covid-19, Fundación Curando a México, with the help of DRGT Mexico, have arranged the largest delivery yet of medical equipment into the country.

DRGT used its G2E Las Vegas budget to donate funds towards the foundation’s logistic and transportation costs. With the help of a “dollar-for-dollar” matched contribution from Mexico’s Fundación IMSS, it facilitated the transportation of 1,050 specifically-designed medical relief beds to the country.

Curando México’s operations director, Beth Conley, said: “Whilst these beds will serve a specific purpose during the current pandemic, their flat pack design will allow us, in time, to literally fold them away and then access and transport them to any location across the country as soon as they are needed again.”

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DRGT CEO Jurgen De Munck and DRGT Mexico managing director Alfredo Moreno, who also serves as Curando México’s president, said: “What Beth and her team have managed to do is nothing short of a miracle. Seven 53ft semi-trucks with beds worth over $3m is our biggest shipment into México ever.”

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