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Territorial gaming products in Colombia generated COP147bn (£30.1m) in taxes for the country’s healthcare industry in Q1.

Colombian gambling regulator Coljuegos said the contribution of lottery, games of chance and Raspa&Listo games was up eight per cent year-on-year.

It added that permanent chance bets transferred COP112.7bn (£23.1m) for VAT in the first quarter of the year.

“This significant increase in transferred resources is due to the joint work carried out by both operators and the National Council of Games of Chance and Gambling,” said Marco Emilio Hincapié, president of Coljuegos.

“We are providing guarantees to strengthen the industry in the territories and increase funds for healthcare.”

Of the total figure transferred to Colombia’s health industry in Q1, COP76.2bn (£15.6m) was transferred by chance draws.

Transfers from lotteries in Q1 hit COP61.3bn (£12.5m) while transfers from Raspa&Listo games was COP9.5bn (£2m).

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Coljuegos’ latest report also showed the prizes paid to players in the respective gaming verticals and products so far this year.

Games of chance have paid out COP238.1bn (£48.7m) to bettors, with lottery prizes amounting to COP94.1bn (£19.2m).

Raspa&Listo prizes so far this year hit COP29.9bn (£6.1m).

Territorial games sales totalled COP869.5bn (£177.8m).

“We invite all Colombians to play chance, lotteries, and Scratch & Win only at authorized points of sale,” Hincapié said.

“Playing legally helps us continue to increase transfers to subsidize the healthcare of citizens with limited resources.”

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