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Clarion Gaming, in partnership with Fira de Barcelona and the Barcelona Convention Bureau, held a two-day orientation event for members of the ICE and iGB Affiliate Advisory Board.

The event included guided tours of the 240,000sq.m venue, an insight to the available facilities and explanations of how exhibitors participating in similar events have represented their brands at the venue, as well as a detailed breakdown of the array of opportunities offered by Barcelona’s hospitality infrastructure.

“Winning the bid to host the ICE and iGB Affiliate expos from 2025 strengthens the city’s international standing as a premier destination for major international events and conferences,” said Constantí Serrallonga, CEO, Fira de Barcelona.

“For Fira, it means increased visibility and an opportunity to showcase our world-class facilities and services. Our team will strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for the over 40,000 attendees. We look forward to providing a memorable experience to all of them.”

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Christoph Tessmar, director of Barcelona Convention Bureaux, added: “Barcelona is renowned for its inviting and inclusive ambience, solidifying its status as a premier destination for visitors.

“It is crucial to underscore that Barcelona, as a collective entity, stands fully prepared to host events of significant magnitude. The city encapsulates a welcoming atmosphere that fosters excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship, rendering it an ideal backdrop for any occasion that values these principles.”

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