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Marking its 15th anniversary this year, and in collaboration with Asian IR Expo, G2E Asia will be making its grand return to Macau on June 4-6, 2024.

This year’s show will feature a dedicated Technology Zone and Tech Talk Stage within the exhibition hall, serving to spotlight the latest industry innovations and feature insightful presentations on identity management, security, hospitality and customer relationship management.

Speakers for the conference have now been announced and are available to view on the G2E Asia website. Featured speakers include Praveen Choudhary, Morgan Stanley Asia Limited; Angela HanLee, Bloomberg Intelligence; Evan Spytma, Hotel Stotsenberg; Ioannis Kontoulas, Hellenic Gaming Commission; Angus Chan, UBS AG and Daniel Li, Cambodia Commercial Gambling Management Commission.

The G2E Asia Conference will consist of three content-rich days of sessions led by industry leaders, influencers and experts. Highlights include an in-depth look at the financial outlook for Asian gaming markets, two panels dedicated to emerging markets as well as a spotlight on Thailand and Middle East, and an insightful panel discussion on smart table innovations.

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The combined G2E Asia and Asian IR Expo will showcase more than 100 exhibitors across 20,000sq.m of floor space.

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