Betby Launches Custom Leagues Offering Unlocking Wider Branding Possibilities In Esports

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J3STER.GG, the innovative live-streaming betting company, is celebrating the full launch of its services after a successful beta period.

The platform allows viewers to place bets on a streamer, opening up new levels of engagement and interaction. J3STER.GG uses the streamer’s game data to generate odds and provide betting markets. Odds update after each match played, giving viewers a new opportunity to find an attractive bet. Should viewers win, they are paid out instantly, enabling them to get involved in the next match.

J3STER.GG has evolved over the past months during an initial beta release, which saw the introduction of new bet types including a roulette-inspired option which allows customers to bet on odds/evens and even ranges of kills whilst watching their favourite streamers.

Leading up to this launch, the team has redesigned the homepage based on user feedback, increasing streamer visibility. The introduction of a new bonus system enables users to gain more bonuses unlocked via a spending balance. J3STER.GG currently supports betting on various popular games including Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant, and Apex Legends.


The J3STER.GG platform has attracted many high-profile streamers in the lead-up to its full launch, working with prominent names such as PROD, WarsZ and Lenun as the company gears up for substantial growth in the year ahead.

Kevin Des Lauriers, CEO at J3STER.GG, said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be fully launching J3STER.GG to the masses. After months of work refining the service, we’re thrilled to present what we think is the most innovative way for viewers to engage deeper with streamers. Add tips into the mix and it’s a great way for streamers to earn passive revenue as they create content.

“We’ve got a fantastic roster of names working with us, all of whom have expressed their enthusiasm towards J3STER.GG after outstanding results during our beta phase. We’re confident that the platform will begin to drive itself, and we can’t wait to show you more in the coming months and beyond.”

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