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The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has told Betfred that one of its advertisements “must not be used again without further, specific targeting to minimise the likelihood of under-18s being exposed to it.”

The ad for Live Betfred Casino was seen during the programme PrestonPlayz on The Roku Channel, an over-the-top streaming service, on April 17, 2023. 

The complainant challenged whether the ad was directed at those aged below 18 years through the selection of media or context in which it appeared.

Betfred argued that Roku was a streaming service that provided free-to-use and subscription-based services. To access both services, users had to register for an account and confirm they were over 18. All content that had appeal to children was removed from its ad inventory availability.

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Roku offered a children’s-only media channel that was available through a dedicated app, as well as the ability to set parental controls.

Betfred stated that because Roku required registered users to be over 18, the viewers of PrestonPlayz (the programme during which the ad was seen), must have been over the age of 18.

However, the ASA said that the ad appeared in the Roku app during the programme PrestonPlayz. The programme was dedicated to Minecraft, a well-known game that was largely, although not exclusively, aimed at children and showed content that was likely to appeal to children.

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