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Almost two thirds of Americans say that unregulated “skill” machines are games of chance rather than skill, according to the American Gaming Association.

New AGA data shows 65 per cent of those surveyed, who were familiar with “skill” games, said that a skilled player cannot reliably influence the outcome, rendering the games no different to those based on random chance.

“Unregulated machine manufacturers have built their businesses by duping consumers and small businesses while avoiding taxes, oversight and consumer protections,” said AGA president and CEO Bill Miller. “These results are further evidence that Americans see these machines as a threat that should be eliminated, not regulated.”

A majority of those familiar with “skill” machines, such as those commonly found in convenience stores, bars, strip malls and other community establishments outside of the regulated marketplace, also view these machines as negative influences.

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71 per cent say the machines lack the player protections which casinos offer, 64 per cent say the machines are too available to children and 56 per cent say they increase the risk of crime and endanger employees.

“Keeping America’s gaming industry strong, safe and responsible can only be done through the robust infrastructure of the well-established legal market, not by rewarding bad actors with half-measures that fail to address the dangers of unregulated gambling,” continued Miller.

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