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Zitro has announced that Colossus Fire has found a new home on the gaming floor of Casino Cosmopol Stockholm, operated by Casino Cosmopol, Sweden’s state-owned gaming entity.

Colossus Fire features two scalable and independent progressive levels, whose values vary based on the player’s denomination. As players increase their bet and unlock each level, they stand a chance to win larges prizes and rewards.

Erik Söber, gaming specialist at Casino Cosmopol, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Zitro to bring Colossus Fire to our customers. The game’s unique design and visually stunning graphics stand out on our casino floor and we believe it will appeal to both experienced and new players.”

Nadege Teyssedre, Zitro’s EMEA director, stated: “Zitro is extremely honoured for having been appointed as one of the slot machine suppliers to Casino Cosmopol.

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“Introducing Colossus Fire to the Swedish market is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to providing new and exceptional gaming experiences.

“We believe that our game’s innovative design and engaging features will resonate well with players and become a fan-favourite in no time.

“Our partnership with Casino Cosmopol will be a key factor in our expansion and we are excited to continue delivering immersive gaming experiences to customers in Sweden and every gaming jurisdiction around the world.”

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