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The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission has declared it is satisfied that Crown Melbourne is suitable to operate the Melbourne Casino.

The 2021 Royal Commission into the casino operator and licence had identified a number of failings at Melbourne Casino, but VGCCC is now satisfied that these have been addressed and that it is in the public interest that the licence continue in force.

“Despite the enormity of its findings, the Finkelstein Royal Commission recommended Crown be permitted to continue operating under stringent independent oversight conditions for two years, determining it had the will and capacity to transform itself to again become suitable, which would be to Victoria’s benefit,” she said.

Commission Chair Fran Thorn added: “In return for the privilege of an exclusive licence, Victorians have a right to expect that Crown Melbourne will never again prioritise profit ahead of the safety and wellbeing of its patrons and staff or over compliance with its legal and social obligations.

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“Crown Melbourne must continue to seek to rebuild and earn public trust by demonstrating the good character, honesty and integrity that are necessary to remain a suitable casino operator.

“We put Crown on notice that this Commission will not hesitate to act if the privilege of holding the casino licence is again abused.”

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