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Sportradar’s unit known as Sportradar Integrity Services, has revealed its yearly report named “Betting Corruption and Match-fixing in 2023,” which provided details about the firm’s discoveries of questionable wagering on international sport. Additionally, based on the supervision of roughly 850.000 matches and events in 70 sports, the report emphasizes an overall of 1,329 dubious matches in last year, which took place in 11 sports in 105 countries.


The data shows that the rate of suspected tampering across all sports stayed stable at 0.21%, or 1 in each 467 matches last year. Similarly, the analysis didn’t flag any sport with a dubious ratio bigger than 1%, validating that suspicious wagering wasn’t detected in 99.5% of supervised sporting events, compared to 2022.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) provided an assistance in the discovery of nearly 3 quarters (73% or 977 cases) of all dubious matches last year, which represent an increase of 123% from 2022. Although the integration of artificial intelligence into the Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) of Sportradar has fueled observation rates, examination by the firm’s integrity experts is crucial to make sure exact data interpretation. Also, Sportradar is devoted to progressing human oversight and AI capabilities to keep safe the integrity of sports.

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As for the crucial discoveries of the past year, they are:

  • 1,295 dubious matches took place from men’s sporting events, although 34 took place from women’s sporting events
  • Europe had the biggest number of dubious matches (667 vs 630 in 2022), then Asia (302 vs 240 in 2022) and lastly South America (217 vs 225 in 2022)
  • Account-level wagering data was utilized to discover 100% of dubious matches in tennis and table tennis and 85% of dubious matches in volleyball, signifying the importance of working closely with the sports wagering industry to fight against integrity threats and match-fixing
  • soccer, known as the most famous sport for wagering, proceeded to be one of the sports most affected by match-fixing, with 880 dubious matches, then basketball with 205 matches and finally table tennis with 70 matches.

The importance of Sportradar Integrity Service reports and data:

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The reports and data of the aforementioned union of Sportradar from last year, were one of the reasons for an overall 147 criminal and sporting sanctions, covering 10 sports in 23 countries in 39 cases, underscoring the firm’s credentials as the already established leader in the integrity services market.

By backing more than 220 allies around the globe, involving law enforcement agencies, national platforms, state authorities and sports organizations, Sportradar is devoted to maintaining sport free from threats like doping, match-fixing among many different types of corruption and fraud.

In this regard, executive VP of Integrity, Rights Protection and Regulatory Services, Andreas Krannich, commented according to the official press release: “Continued investment in the development of technology is key to detecting otherwise hard-to-find occurrences of match-fixing. In combination with access to account-level data, collaboration across the industry and human experts, we have a suite of powerful tools to help both prevent and detect risks to sports integrity. Further advancements in the fight against match-fixing will be possible as the AI models continue to learn and we will keep honing our expertise to protect sport from manipulation.”

To detect match-fixing, Sportradar utilizes a multi-faceted, holistic approach, boosted by its flagship tech alongside a professional Integrity Services unit. As well as account-level data, UFDS utilizes state-of-the-art AI to discover and marks dubious matches to Sportradar’s international team of integrity analysts, as well as examine 30 billion odds modifications across 600 international wagering operators in real-time.

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This effort is also backed by another unit called Sportradar Integrity Exchange (SIE), where over 70 wagering operators proactively file dubious information regarding wagering, utilizing account-level wagering data to discover and mark dubious matches.

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