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An €850m support plan for the Spanish hospitality industry is demanded by the sector, supported by live demonstrations.

The bars and other locations that use gaming machines, feature strongly in the campaign conducted by Hostelerîa España and other trade associations from the 17 autonomous communities in Spain. They sent a joint letter to the Spanish government and other authorities requesting the support plan.

Simultaneous events were held across Spain, in the capital and other cities, with letters asking for support and demonstrations by affected workers. They argue that since October 65,000 hospitality businesses have closed with the loss of 350,000 jobs. The industry’s turnover is already 50 per cent down, they assert.

The letter pointed out that in in the Balearic Islands and in Madrid, models are operating that make the containment of the pandemic compatible with the development of economic activities. It is also complained that other European countries, such as France and Germany, are granting direct economic aid to help the hospitality and tourism industries to survive.

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