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Andrei Aleksandrov, MEGAPARTNERS’ CPO, spoke about what a product-oriented approach in the iGaming industry is, answered the question what product issues and challenges he faced when he joined MEGAPARTNERS, and shared the company’s immediate plans and updates in terms of product in 2024.

The product-oriented approach focuses on aligning all aspects of the business with the product’s strategic goals. It takes a holistic view of the entire product lifecycle, from idea to realisation. It emphasises customer needs, market trends, and iterative development.

MEGAPARTNERS chose this approach because it fosters a deep understanding of customer pain points, enables rapid adaptation to market changes, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement. It brings cross-functional teams together to achieve a common goal, ensuring that product development is synchronised with user needs and industry dynamics.

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AI will profoundly impact the development of online casinos, improving personalisation, security, and the overall user experience. For example, AI-powered recommendation systems can analyse player behaviour to offer personalised game selection, promotions, or even betting strategies, creating a more individualised and engaging experience.

In addition, AI algorithms can play a significant role in fraud detection and prevention by identifying unusual patterns in user activity and ensuring a safe gaming environment. Moreover, chatbots driven by natural language processing can provide instant customer support, answer queries, and guide players seamlessly.

Retention and product development are inextricably linked, and internal retention is paramount to building a solid product. A robust retention strategy involves understanding user behaviour, analysing data, and continually optimising the product to meet growing expectations of users.

By carefully monitoring user interactions and addressing pain points through product improvements, internal retention efforts help build a loyal user base. A strong product attracts new users and retains existing ones through a continuous and evolving experience. Regular feature updates, personalised content, and targeted promotions based on internal retention information are crucial in driving user engagement and satisfaction.

Plans and updates of MEGAPARTNERS in 2024

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We have a lot of changes ahead of us; apart from launching new projects, we have established processes to improve the current ones. Consequently, we are preparing a major update for Betsomnia: we have entirely redesigned our front end, organised a global brand concept, and a new loyalty programme, and are already drafting the layout.

Among other things, we have changed our approach to creating new brands, and all our new brands will be able to compete with the market leaders regarding functionality and visuals. We are also expanding our presence in different geographies and restoring mass traffic purchases of old brands, so that we can confidently say that we are  increasing our turnover, workload, and expanding our team.

As part of the team expansion, we are also planning to create our own retention and support departments, and we are already working on developing our own analytical tools to compete with other offers on the market.

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