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Athena Jett American Idol Poker

St. Patrick’s Day was a lucky and special one for poker couple Karina Jett and Chip Jett, who watched their 20-year-old daughter, Athena Jett, dazzle in her American Idol audition.

The Las Vegas modern jazz singer put on quite a performance in her first appearance on the musical TV competition show, which is in its 22nd season, thanks in part to an assist from her younger sister, Angelina. A group of friends and family all showed up to Roma Restaurant & Deli, a popular Italian restaurant owned by Poker Hall of Famer Todd Brunson, to support the aspiring musician.

Following Athena’s appearance on the show, which aired at 8 p.m. on ABC, the crowd at Roma Deli cheered loudly after the judges voted that she deserved a golden ticket to Hollywood, where she will have an opportunity to prove she is worthy of becoming the next American Idol.

American Idol is a musical competition show watched by millions each week that attempts to discover the next big thing in music. Contestants must first audition at various locations around the country. Those who impress the three celebrity judges — Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie — advance to Hollywood.

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Athena Jett Puts on a Show

Athena Jett American Idol Poker
Athena Jett auditions for American Idol.

Each week, the contestants are put through various singing competitions to show off their skills, and the contestants who shine the brightest move on, while the others are sent home until there are only two singers remaining.

Jett, a computer science major at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, sat down for an interview with PokerNews in February to discuss her musical career and her audition for American Idol, which took place in Santa Barbara, California last fall (the shows are pre-recorded).

She had to wait five months before her audition would appear on ABC, and she isn’t permitted to disclose to anyone how deep she has advanced in the show. But we do know that she’ll be moving on to the second phase, and that is further proving her talents to the celebrity judges in Southern California after successfully advancing beyond the audition phase.

Jett entered the TV set in Santa Barbara to perform along with dozens of other singers hoping to become the 2024 American Idol. Some contestants didn’t do enough to impress the judges and were sent home without a ticket to Hollywood. But the same can’t be said for the Las Vegas resident, who did more than enough to advance.

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Jett, who entered the audition room with her 12-year-old sister by her side, first sung “Somebody New,” by Sophia James. Perry, a world-renowned pop star, could tell the poker player’s daughter had talent and potential. But she wasn’t initially sure if she would vote to send her off to Hollywood.

“There is something, there’s something, there’s something,” Perry told Jett following her performance.

The younger Jett then stepped in and approached the judges, knowing that her big sister needed an assist.

Angelica Jett suggested to the judges that Athena sing a different song that is a better fit for her, and the judges obliged. She then brilliantly performed Loren Allred’s “Never Enough,” which turned out to be more than enough as her performance was so brilliant it brought Perry out of her seat and moved her to tears.

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“That was phenomenal, you have to use that as your sword, it’s a yes for me,” Perry passionately told Jett, who, along with the other two judges, took little time to vote her off to Hollywood.

Moments after the auditioned aired on ABC in Las Vegas, Jett performed the same song that won over Perry’s heart for the packed house at Roma Deli.

Jett moves on to “Hollywood Week,” where she’ll hope to continue on in her quest to become the next American Idol.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Athena Jett Has Strong Poker Roots, But a Future in Music

*Images provided to PokerNews courtesy of American Idol/Disney/Eric McCandless.

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