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The New South Wales government is investing AU$100m into gambling harm prevention to mark GambleAware week.

The $100m investment is included in the first Minns Labor government’s budget and will come from the fine imposed on Star Casino by the NSW Independent Casino Commission.

The fine is being redirected into gambling harm minimisation and will include $6.4m of funding to enhance self-exclusion and introduce third-party exclusions in pubs and clubs.

Another $3.4m will be given to the independent panel, established in July this year, to run and evaluate a cashless gaming trial in pubs and clubs.

And a further $21.7m each year for three years, until 2024-25, will be directed towards other gambling harm minimisation initiatives and reforms.

The government will also allocate $10m to the Responsible Gambling Fund for the provision of GambleAware counselling and support services.

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This year’s dedicated week to gambling harm awareness in the Australian state started on Monday with the tagline, “What’s gambling costing you?”

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