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North Star Entertainment recently revealed its strategy and intentions for the €250m Project VORIA which involves the move of the Regency Casino Mont Parnes to a new hospitality and entertainment complex in Marousi.

New details regarding Project Voria:

Project VORIA will involve 836 underground parking spaces, a variety of dining and entertainment options and a fresh five-star hotel equipped with 150 rooms, which will be accompanied by meeting space that can accommodate a maximum of 1,400 delegates. However, retail shops won’t be included.

According to the executives’ explanation at the press conference which took place at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, the main goal of the mentioned investment, which designer is ASPA-KST, an architectural company based in Athens, is the production of a multi-purpose complex that, in addition to the aforementioned features, will also involve a casino. In addition, the aforementioned Regency Casino Mont Parnes will move from its current location, which is Mt. Parnitha, to a new area of 8,500 square meters within the property.

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Relatedly, the new casino & hotel represent the 1st strategic investment realized in the region in many years and will be constructed at the facility popularly called “Dilaveri estate” located in Marousi. The location of the mentioned estate is at the intersection of Spyrou Loui and Kifissias avenues in the Municipality of Marousi.

Although the project has received the green light from the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, there is another legal hurdle that is causing delays in the beginning of the construction. It’s about issuing construction permits. However, regardless of this, the construction is projected to officially start by the end of the current year and will last till 2027.

Regarding the move of the Regency Casino Mont Parnes to the new property, a step that has led to appeals and criticism from local bodies, Lampsa Hellenic Hotels CEO Tassos Chomenidis highlighted that the said casino won’t be a primary portion of the entire project at all.

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Green spaces:

One of the greatest values of the project is that it will involve soft construction that will blend into the urban landscape, high-quality architecture and state-the-art environmental solutions, according to Yiannis Tsirikos, CEO of North Star Entertainment. He also emphasized that the development of green areas for the locals of the broader area is a key part.

Nearly 50% of the complex, out of the overall 55,000 square meters, will be allocated to the municipality of Marousi for the establishment of free public spaces for communal utilization to promote recreation and health and raise the overall quality of the lives of locals living in Marousi.

During the duration of the project, there will be notable interventions on the region’s road network, so that when the new property is finished it won’t block motor traffic, but will enhance access to the broader area, according to Greek Travel Pages.

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