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The Macau government will advance with a new bill set to help strengthen illegal gambling crimes prevention by increasing penalties for illegal gambling offences and granting new investigation powers to security authorities, allowing night home searches and the use of undercover agents.

The Executive Council concluded the discussion on a new bill proposal entitled “Law on Combating Illegal Gambling Crimes,” which will be submitted for consideration to the Macau Legislative Assembly.

In its presentation yesterday, secretary for administration and justice André Cheong Weng Chon advocated that the new regulations would help “promote the sustainable and healthy development in the gambling sector” and while “refining” the sector’s supervisory regime within the realm.

The draft bill proposal will follow the formulation of the general gaming law enforced this year and new Legal Regime on Granting Credit for Casino Gambling presented this year.

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To new regulations propose, for example, the increase of penalties for offenses related to illegal gambling and the enhancement of criminal and procedural norms, such as extending the maximum duration of pretrial detention.

It also includes provisions to prevent detainees of illegal gambling and mutual betting crimes from communicating with anyone other than their lawyer before the judicial interrogation.

Source: Asia Gaming Brief

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