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Puerto Rico got a new casino! The Fairfield by Marriott Luquillo Beach & El Tropical Casino is situated just in front of the Luquillo Beach Resort in Playa la Fortuna, and this is the first Fairfield by Marriott property in the whole of Carribean. 

New hotel with many opportunities:

The hotel has 104 rooms, and it is placed across 17.500 square feet of land. The casino occupies 9,000 square feet of property, and its gaming offering includes various gaming products, such as 300 slot machines, six gaming tables, as well as electronic roulette. The price of the hotel was $45 million, and it provides approximately 185 people with jobs.

The meeting and event spaces in the hotel is available to the range of guests, and they can be adapted to serve different types of events and market requirements.

The whole project was developed by the PRISA Group, and its CEO, Federico Stubbe Jr., is positive that this project will help expand the tourism industry in the area. He commented: “This project is a great bet on the region and its potential to become a world-class tourist destination. The people of Luquillo will provide the visitor with a unique experience and take this destination to a new and higher level of excellence. This will attract all those looking to be close to the beach.”

The Tropical Casino brand is very popular in Puerto Rico since it’s a domestic brand. Besides this one, there are three Tropical casinos in the area, and they’re situated in the municipalities of Bayamón, Ponce, and Mayagüez.

The tourism potential:

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Jesús Gerardo Márquez Rodríguez, the mayor of Luquillo, thinks that the whole eastern region of the country will benefit from the new hotel.

According to the source, he said: “The Fairfield by Marriott Luquillo Beach & El Tropical Casino is a solid step forward in the efforts that have been made to revitalize the region’s tourism industry. We are proud to see how the citizens of our municipality and of neighboring municipalities have seen in this project the opportunity to work, develop, and contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in the region.“

Pedro Pierluisi, a Governor, also supports the project, stating that it will promote tourism in the area. He stated: “We have supported the tourism industry with a historic investment of $120 million in improvements to our natural and entertainment attractions. Just as this new hotel will do, thousands of jobs have been created in this industry, to the point that today we have more people working in the tourism sector than ever before in our history.”

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